Monday, May 8, 2017

James Walton #52 Book of the Dead: (Reprise) Prayer of the Embedded Tired Priest

It was only a furrow on brow to you
that took all Pharaoh’s chariots
bathed in deliverance the Tablets,
savoured Laws to bring down false idols
help us then weary beyond trackless deserts

Prove it, Prove it:

If only a voice could beguile
In sounds sewing eyelids down
Lay to rest then tousled hair
Spit to shine in place
A cover for the rose thorn tear
The part a disguise of symmetry
Unknown so neat in life
This child ran the wheat to flour
Scabbed knees beyond the ken of strife
Aided the innocent in their dire hour
Take what you may then Lord
From the children ascending
Laughter from this empty place toward
The comfort here pretending

Closed Lid Chorus:

There is only one God
and the prophet is misfortune
there is only one God
awaits you for this purchase
and the prophet of misfortune
there is only one God
where a tally is kept and known
of all days to be and gone
there can only be one God
and the prophet is misfortune
lay down then sweet child
in our songs of chapel praise
all skies and lands and seas
beckon open hands to thee
there is only one God
and here is your misfortune

Instructions in Ordinance: repeat first two stanzas:
and the chorus refrain as appropriate.


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