Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Kit Kelen #483 - Courbet's 'The Diligence in the Snow'

Courbet's 'The Diligence in the Snow' (1860)
(The Hugh Lane – Dublin City Gallery)

a drift as at sea
where the pines stand, roof through
one horse rears

and the little one, ox back
might be in prayer
but is probably warming his hands

fat chance!
houses are drowning
bare limbs of the last bush to go under

fierce wind the pines point
and their coats shake down
the coach is bearing a burden of snow

there's dark under
there's dark above
in lines as far as the eye will go

you could go down
with the light falling
and pass beyond the cold

there's one dives as if the wave could be ridden
there's another who's like an artist
brush for measure

and grandma tags along
we slide
we right ourselves to see

we see far into the wave
we're borne
as in a drift at sea

1 comment:

  1. a remarkable painting
    of the dangers
    you find in snow
    a remarkable poem
    of the dangers
    you will find


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