Friday, May 5, 2017

Kit Kelen #487 - sleep


should be this tight little room
corners too dark to see
well tucked

please stop trying
then clanging doors will whisper shut

you fall through all of the cloud
through falls, past catching hands
fall all the way till there's no here

the trampoline has lost its bounce
but we're still in the backyard

and the eyes go round in wonder
with all of day's stray fashionings
and the breath goes round

as in that perfectly circular above ground pool
a neighbour had
where we came out from under the sprinkler
and truly discovered summer

none of us out of her his depth
each of us and all together
marching round and round
till we could stop in the tide
we'd made
and couldn't stop

and be swept on

past sunsets, suppers, off to bed

dawn ought to be here somewhere
you dream until it comes
and past
and still today
swept on

there isn't a room
in which this fits

is such a picture

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  1. Oh that is sumptuous! really beautiful, and longing, and dreamy, perchance


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