Friday, May 5, 2017

Kristen de Kline #93 some days the Gods

some days the Gods
smile     upon you  

bullets speed past in the wrong direction  
coppers' dogs thrown

off your scent: CK Eternity  
it's no longer     sweet

some days the dead
chatter: it won't be long     now

you lay down in a place to bury strangers
listen to the bridges     burn

ghostly girls     pale blue eyes
gaze at the smoke tip-toe-ing across the

water     the black hole sun washes away the tears
turns white, slowly

as a Tarot Reader hands you the ten of cups card
great joy love bliss   rainbows arching

across inked blue skies     no more crying
me a river     no more

Tower cards bursting into flame
or lightning strikes     falling men

one head-first, the other backwards
you follow clouds of grey smoke meandering

over the skyline of the power station
clink aluminium cans with the boys at Lawless Road

down a third strong black
coffee     grind beads with an electric thingamijing

some days    your breath tastes
sweeter     there's a sea of possibilities rippling

past    little waves like the beat-beat-beating of a butterflies
wings     some days the Gods

smile     it won't be long


  1. some days the gods just lie in bed
    expecting a raspberry and a bit of a tickle

    1. And some days - if they're lucky - they may even get a raspberry and a bit of a tickle :)


  2. some days the gods
    take us for pressed flowers
    what person wouldn't

  3. Exactly Rob - but do we look like pressed flowers? :)

    1. Dear Kristen, I was in a rush when I wrote the lines above. Reading your poem now again and again. Magnificent.

  4. Some days down there on Lawless the gods make instant coffee undrinkable, These are all just fantastic Kristen, I think I've died and gone to heaven!

  5. James, I'm glad that instant coffee has become undrinkable - the Lawless poets and the smiling Gods will see to that. Thanks for your encouragement :)


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