Monday, May 1, 2017

Rob Schackne #319 - Out Here In The Perimeter

Out Here In The Perimeter

Talk to me
about taste
talk of style
(he talked to
me for hours)

My mate Stu writes

"I miss the score
striding up misplaced 
Roman roads"

Get me back
end of the block
where they
charge you
for the clock

Texas radio

the big beat
a sudden fury
the beach still free

Shanghai Venus
the eastern sky
carefully fey
because it won't
get you out of trouble

Walk the streets
eyes open wider
taking pictures 
of sweet moments

Have Your Chill

soft launched last
week in Melbourne
10 dollars a pop
limited edition

Plenty of this
neither stoned
nor immaculate
out here in the perimeter

Pete says mine
is on the way
another way of
saying bloody wait


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