Sunday, May 7, 2017

Rob Schackne #324 - Have You Ever Died (2)

Have You Ever Died (2)

Have you ever died
too much snake

hell air no sense
blessèd and compleat
shopping life and hammer

clean out the spirit
there is stardust
it could be China

I come down
because well shit
precious days look for it

I sing because

of the free lawless
content of the world

bells ring conditions
they fill the houses

of the tired self

the artist steals
that's not the point
of you and me

how goes this road
the rest when it comes
some bits of rain


  1. turn on the wipers and the road will rise
    blade at a time
    come to see


  2. this country field
    a sky of bitumen
    rounded curves
    the honey driving
    the demons chasing
    the wipers you use
    don't work after death


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