Friday, July 6, 2018

Kit Kelen #918 - make my day

make my day

my day
my make

and it is all-consisting
so I list

my low laid mist
my daylit cloud tricks

mine all mine

my that my this
my there and then
my here and now
my by-the-way
my line

my cattle mud corner
roof still drip

my pigeon gone

that probing look-about is mine
and lively

my aches
my itch
my ringing in the ears

my flag
and I salute

you too?
then there is this
for you

my cake and eat it too

my thick and fast
my dinner come
my washing done
in heaven ever after

my my

my vacuum cleaner

vague hunch
to my certain knowledge

where's my hat?
it's on my head
and glasses?
see right through them

my do-or-die
my derring-do
right and wrong my country
black and white

my up and atom
roads run too

my temperature to measure

my phone to capture voicelessly

my cave
my flicker on the wall

my word!
my mouse run up the clock

my once upon a time
and who's been sleeping in my bed?

my frogs and flutter

my sun-not-yet
from central casting

my piles of all-to-do

my fenceposts and my webs

smatter of highway

my birds and they go on-line

my my

and you?
why you!

can you imagine?

my flood?
my fire?
tide of rising me?

imagine the insurance bill
for all of this my world

should, that is, I choose to share
these words most mattering of mine

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