Monday, May 8, 2017

Stuart Rawlinson #25 - Vanity Space

Reach for the skies!
Grease the pole
Surround with friendly
Hollow bricks
Asbestos in cling film
Vanity for prosperity

Autocracies fly!
Our towers rise taller
Poor basement sods
Claw up the dirt
Slip back down. Whose
Dicks are bigger now?


  1. Dictators’ skyscrapers put democrats in the shade


  2. Sure it's a madness
    zealots getting crazier
    shaving pennies to make what

  3. 'asbestos in cling film' - wowee that is a line!

  4. dicks get bigger every day

    come roll with me
    roll in the hay

    grease the poll
    reach for the sky

    just a little wrestle
    no reason why


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