Sunday, August 28, 2016

Anna Couani #202 coming home after Chrysogonus #27

there’s a sterility in airports
hospitals shopping malls
places designed to be cleaned easily
hosed down
sterilised probably
and coming home is so different
like a culture shock at first
sitting in the two rooms of clutter
overhung with books
sculptures vases CD’s
old cassettes musical instruments
paintings of mine and others
papers in vertical files
family snapshots, unframed
the staring eyes of the cat in one of them
fake flowers and the two Persian carpets
one over the other
soft like a cat’s nest
file boxes of teaching materials
and literary archive
teacher diaries only nine visible
shelves of digital apparatus
including lots of cables
little drawers with labels
a couple of bicycles
printers computers modem
VHS-DVD combo and an old CRT TV
for viewing video
then there are the precious objects
small things collected over the years
shells a sand crystal
and things I gave my parents
now upcycled


  1. I really like how you describe the cosiness of a home through all these things......

  2. such a lovely contrast to the sterile airport!

  3. Thanks Chrysogonus and Jeltje!


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