Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kit Kelen #241 - take it from me (parable on unsought advice)

take it from me
(brief parable on unsought advice)

With the ancient is wisdom and in length of days understanding.
(Job 12:7-12)

you'll never make it!

you won't get across this river
and when you do, the mountain's too high
that ladder at the top – it's slippery
many have fallen from there

if you get up in among the clouds
you won't be able to see a thing
the ice there's deadly as the air
so what will have been the point?
you won't be able to tell up from down
(that would be in your last few moments falling)

you think the problem's just up there?
oh no oh no oh no
it's like that with a lot of things
in fact with whatever you're thinking to do
whatever goes on in that head of yours

that book you were planning to write
why bother? it's either been written
or, if not, there's a reason why not

this next idea of yours –
yes I know you've yet to tell it
but you think that no one's thought of that before?
don't kid yourself, you won't kid me

where do you get all this stuff?

the journey you're planning
it's for sure somewhere you've already been
and how would there be any different from here?
everywhere's the same these days
travel as far as you like
you get nowhere
at least I'm sure in your case, that's true

they don't need you
they won't want your advice

and anyway, it's too cold, it's too dark
you'll catch your death of
you'd be mad to go out on a night like this
it's no good setting out in the morning
there'll only be a few hours of light

and the weather?
if it's not here yet
it's coming
you bet

you won't get very far
not with your attitude
not with your equipment
it's like when you were very little
still running away from home
and why?

guess it's just how you were made

now put that tail between your legs
let's fold you up in the picnic blanket
bundle you into the stove
it's warm there, you'll be cooked in no time
it's only love that says these things
my little cup cake

stay out of that sun
you'll be baked to a crisp

and don't you tell jokes!
they're hurtful, always at someone's expense

o – you'd rather stay in bed, would you?
sink into pillows, never seen again
you think you can just lie there innocently
taking a next sip of the air?
don't imagine that will be without some risk

besides, dreaming is dangerous
quite frequently it's deadly

just a little shut-eye?
let me ask you if you're really sure?

maybe you're not quite ready for that

now you just have a good hard think
have a good long look at yourself in the mirror
and who do you think you are?

I just don't get it
I shake my head
I'm simply left to wonder

but before you go off again
like a two bob watch
like a mad woman's wash

on your next karazy madcap scheme
I simply have to ask –
who's putting you up to this?

soap bubbles
fall past my seventh floor window
what should I assume?


  1. Very good. I wrote this last year...


    Imagine a ladder into the clouds
    After the wealth of all that sweat
    You’re climbing for what? Heart
    Or endurance, ¿flaco o flojo? Stars
    Ever closer to the gateway of your soul.
    You finally get there. All around it
    Looks forlorn it took you so long.

  2. I got mesmerised by the corn bubbles of the beautiful yellow in the art.

  3. I think I might do a video course.

    What for?


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