Saturday, August 27, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #240 lost poem found

the poem was found
between breaths
it was hidden in folded pages
inside words so big
they contain tiny poems

my poem wasn't in the hangar after all
it hitched a ride in a stranger's suitcase
it came out smelling of another person
just a little

my poem returned to me
transformed by being lost

my poem was found
between breaths
and now has a life of its own
breathing in
other people's poems


  1. I have a feeling this lost poem found will live a long life :) Wonderful

  2. Thank you. I have a series of lost texts in Lupa and Lamb, so nice to know there is a temple also. Mine are in the Musaeum Matricum.

  3. Oh lovely. Somehow I missed this one, Susan, when I wrote my next one continuing in lost theme. Now I read this, breath was what had to come next!


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