Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 61 In those Days

In those days
 For Janette

Used to be this game
 where he
would go around the room
a schoolboy-hearted man
what objects
might have been inside me

while I dressed

slow dressing
a kind of lingerie meditation
of pearls
silk forties knickers
things lost
then found – dropped - retrieved
all in Noh somnolence before him

He was a man who held some pride
about his talent for picking fibbers
so my face
studied as intently as a map
grew slow to heal up hurts
incursions of all kinds

stern inert serene
while he stepped and leapt about me

 “never the first“
was a gentleman’s motto
after that
 fair game

This or this or I know it was this
fingering each thing as though it were
the form prize

 once an hour I would comply
the Mum deodorant
 some other trifle

that one man was the impetus
 for every day of tidying I did
swishing away the shampoos
the largest of  Chanels

  good planning and sturdy  policy
 we never met a moment
in that  kitchen.

My dear Janette ( let our throwdowns and throwbacks be always as sweet as this was)


  1. Oh Kerri, that's funny, how good...and what a creep, how absurd.

    1. thanks Rob, the yard goes on forever with the tailoring some folks give to their funny sexual tropes, trust me on that.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Yes. Why just the other day...


      Why just the other night
      listening to wine and sipping music
      nursing the shadows and the light
      I said to a beautiful woman:

      "Your face looks like half of the world's most perfect ass..."

      After which she slaps me
      throws wine at me and walks away
      some people have no imagination
      some people are angry all the time

      Today needing some small fingers
      to crack a few dozen quail eggs to fry
      I go down to the local playground
      to look for some experienced children:

      "Let’s see your hands. I’ll show you how to crack my eggs…"

      Suddenly all the mothers are howling
      they throw sand at me and chase me away
      later back in my car shorts down getting the sand out
      a police car pulls up and starts asking questions.

  2. Such an amusing piece thank you for playing was such


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