Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kit Kelen #244 - fairytale


one tree wandered off
it might have been a fit of pique
perhaps something some other tree said?

no one would notice
the forest was just as thick

strange though the stump
left in the morning
no tree had ever seen that before
nobody heard a thing

but then I should point out
trees are quite deaf
just shout at one and you'll know

and the wood was as dense as before
maybe moreso
a little gap gives you a look-in

that's how it started
in the end they must have been
up hill and down dale
one couldn't help seeing it
as a rout, as flight
but what were those trees fleeing from?

I couldn't say
and actually nobody saw them go
so it's all a bit circumstantial

but the sun's a bit too bright here now
when it rains the soil's all washing away

God knows where they were heading, those trees
no one's ever seen them again

it's a cosy book
this story's in
under the polished beams
feet up by an open fire 



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