Sunday, August 28, 2016

Nada DeCat #5 - Angry White Men

All day school again - painted this..

Then went back to my studio, and had an argument online with angry white male artist Daniel Mirante who was angry because by me pointing out sexism (the fact that there's only 3 female artists in one large exhibition of 50 contemporary artists, and the fact that straight white male always responds out of proportion to feed back about anything) denied his own pains because it didn't include HIM. To him, he needed to be included in the marginalised community for it to be non-racist/sexist. Because everyone was very racist against him because nothing was about him and his issues when feminists and others talk about feminism or racism. 

Daniel Mirante is an Visionary Artists. Insight and awareness not being his best assets. He transcended his whiteness and maleness by himself leaving out the facts, history, and realities of the whole world and people other than him - in it. 

This is why I say I am Magical Realist. It has political connotation from Latin American writers, and its not about transcending or negating what is in front of me right here, right now. This to me, is spiritual. 

I go back to my Angry Sorcerer . He is angry because he fights death and stupidity. He's awesome. 

I start on the rock candy - and it's now 5 am. 


  1. I love watching your Sorcerer growing...

    1. thank you - now its going to be more details and adjustments mostly. :) some surprise elements also ahead.


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