Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rob Schackne #60 - A True And Fitting Thing

A True And Fitting Thing

I once hooked up with a contortionist 
Whack-o, she was an extended thirty-six
With legs that almost reached her middle
She cuddled my days and bent my nights
Each small move bridged and stretched us over
We rolled from that one here to this one there
So unbelievable the circus was moved to cheer
May to December, sure it was crazy as a bucket
A little bit wonderful, sure it was way out of hand
And the old sea sighed while it thought for a while
And something in nature stirred, and then it stopped
A limb wobbled, a joint detached that shouldn’t have
The birds went still, not one would leave their nest
And a true and fitting thing was finally finished
They say that to leave is only to run a little
There was a quick rescheduling of itineraries
She went away, later I gave up almost all her tricks
Well, I doubt I shall ever care so much again.

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