Monday, August 29, 2016

Robert Verdon, #282, Catching Up

Am I beyond anger? Am I a rose?
Once I met a woman with a whiskery chin

Drinking problem, domineering husband, very thin
Wrote too; I thought she was old

I’m that age now
Googled her name — dead three years,

Obit. and all, behind the past’s wall.
The sun is a blood clot on the skyline

Let justice be done


  1. Very fine, Robbie. "Behind the past, the wall"?

  2. thanks, Rob. I wasn't sure about that line either — will have to think about it.

  3. Scary, old age and poetry, facial hair. The past's wall is odd but makes you think. The wall of the past. The past is a wall.

  4. yes, 'the past's wall' pulled me up too - 'the' definite article works like a formal structural impediment we want to skip over quickly in the poem for the sake of a subjective lyricism but I think/feel it should stay - perhaps because it forestalls the ability to return in the desire to go back, precisely at the point/moment we look back?
    Actually, you put it pithily in your comment above :)

  5. Yes, 'a wall made thicker every day' is the ticket!


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