Monday, August 29, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #242 conference of the lost poems

the world is yours
why should you worry about the poets
who brought you into being?

you poems
you with your many forms
we are here today to talk about

you say you are lost
what does that mean?
you still exist
you have your form
whether it be villanelle
double dactyl or sonnet
or any other form
are you confused
about whether to sit
in the lyric or epic section?

don't worry
the rules of poetry are flexible

I was once lost
but am now found
my friend Curatrix discovered me
in a dusty drawer
right at the back
I'd been lost
because the people
did not want to hear my words
but Curatrix provided me
with a strong introduction
a deeply considered commentary
and before I knew it
I was the subject of a PhD

so let's get together and strategise


  1. In thanks and praises to the poetry gods and your curatrix a revelation..(:-) thank you.

  2. Curatrix is a character from my book 'Lupa and Lamb'. Nice to have a visit from her.


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