Sunday, August 28, 2016

Janette Hoppe #29 Crisis

a life changing sequence of events
instability and danger
86 dead, 300 injured
let this not be a story of despair,
let this not be a story of violence
or the ugliness of man kind

instead -
let it be a story of love, a story of hope
and one unassuming French man
in a senseless act
the hand of a stranger
brings hope, brings love
and life
in a time of grief

and here in this moment of time
a kind heart,
a loyal hand
shouts out in defiance

we will not be broken, we will not be broken
our bones may break
but they will mend
and human decency will win out in the end

and like the sun
we will rise again
and again and again.


  1. +++ the good new / love is the message and the message is love


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