Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Efi Hatzimanolis #192 thinning time

a clawing insomnia in the pitch perfect black
of midnight stroking  
the insatiable grub feasting on 
the fullness of time


  1. That's great! it's like you feel the claw very hard and then the fulness of time is able to let it go, you're freed ... well it's my understanding ... I may be wrong!! but yet I feel it this way!

    1. you're not wrong :) I love your comments, Beatrice! I was trying to get at how inescapable insomnia together with writing is - how they feed on one another in a creative way yet destroy your peace of mind, too. Sometimes, a sense of time growing and expanding again seems to reassert itself, but only after you've written something, destroyed something. It sounds terribly dramatic, doesn't it! That's lack of sleep for you....

  2. This is so me every night try to sleep but poems keep clawing at me...but I know no fullness of time, there is never enough time, so many poems:-)


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