Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kit Kelen - Series with Jack Picone's photographs - #4 - four


the day makes silhouettes
as we see
washed up in a chemical tide

on some kind of way

these four on a beach
to where?
from where?

distance takes the shape of pain
we're not up close, we couldn't say
but look at them, limber and lean

washed up
fallen to shadow

as if to run
as if to throw
as if to stand and stare

the body is investigation
of its own
and every potential

sea salts the truth
here are tide lines

here's the world divided
we're not close up
you won't see where things go

each shell crusting different
and each washes off
lines of tide are what-washed?

here's a shutter's worth
washed up
washed away

four on a beach
how far?


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