Monday, August 29, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 62 New Order Pruning

New Order Pruning

The scent - a camphor laurel
was our first thought
my friend standing at the car door
such a rare occurrence
in the street these days

all inside all erecting screens
 and nooks
 forever out

startled I saw the tree
the old tree  - the verge tree
the one that had held the rope swing
Donna’s rope swing for her kids
before she moved away
tired of having the cops called
by the neighbour in between

a week before 
that tree had been a fright
like the minute you see your kid
with a Mohawk
where the choirboy curls once grew
all the limbs lopped
but still a stump

I say I saw a tree
I saw nothing
I saw the ground the ground
before the house
mulched up fresh
with tree 
one must suppose

the smell
the smell of eucalypt the
complex life of her
stunned us

Yesterday I took the dog
on my walker I wheeled up there
with coffee bags and with my
hands I scooped up what I needed

in the night we breathed
in and out

one heavy linking lung
of memory peace and plenty

undead tree
zombie street
be mine

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