Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chrysogonus #30 - in that chapel

in that chapel

candles are lit
their tiny flames
starlight in four corners

pews of brown
lined up
an old man kneels

deep in his prayer
maybe for his wife
who is next to him

to the prayers
Jesus smiles
from His cross

the serenity
of His mother
and all the saints

all the statues
their faces know peace
their arms wide open

like the open door inviting
like the glaring guard's
denial of entry

no welcome for us
two people in love

two men walking hand-in-hand


  1. This touches an important contradiction in Christianity with its doctrine of acceptance.

  2. hypocrisy and contradictions ... spirituality versus dogma ... absurd rules ... yes Chrys this has to be pointed out!


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