Monday, August 29, 2016

Kit Kelen - fan guo lai - from the Gong Bei Pillow Book

from the Gong Bei Pillow Book
for Kerri and Janette
(the rude two)

fan guo lai

in the end I succumbed to the whoring and gambling
it was as if I were meant for the place
just took a while to arrive

only so much crutch rubbing
a man can bear
eventually tiredness gives way to a more basic impulse

that won't last long
tumescence is the order of day
and night is but briefly otherwise

early hours mostly
and how to time things is the trick
the species won't require our aid for a bit
increase is not the issue now

motions are gone through
she keeps saying I must turn over
of course one will in the end

it's a yin yang thing
when the big male principle sets
someone must keep up the game

that noodle in the mouth
last trails in by suction
we all know the future of that


  1. Hahahaha. It will never be said that Mr K is gormless. Indeed that game is all, else the glitter dust would surely settle, then sink down to muck.


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