Sunday, August 28, 2016

Janette Hoppe #30 Throw Down

For Kerri

two fingers in
and all knuckled up
recently diagonal in this king sized bed
I'm getting to know myself
a little more intimately

in stroke
and Kerri's 'cucumber husbands'
remind me of the time
I found my house guest
doing something indigestible
with the fruits and vegetables
I should have tweaked
when the door was locked

I couldn't look at vegetables again
especially those elongated sorts

my eyes permanently damaged
and other than chasing Alice
down the rabbit hole
or prescribing carrots for better vision
I just had to breathe...
close my eyes and breathe
erase it from my memory

oh this madness!
perhaps it comes from dusting off the cobwebs
or perhaps from the hash cake
saying "EAT ME" "EAT ME"
this first time getting to know myself ritual
is not really panning out
in this tightly clustered head
and like Alice I am lost in a fantasy world
with carrots and cucumbers hanging around me
like florets round the central flower
that showy reproductive structure
oh the madness!
oh the madness!
just breathe,
close your eyes and breathe
do not commit this sin to your memory.


  1. Challenge done and the laurel assuredly riding on the brow. xx

  2. Loved your 'knuckled up' phrase so much just had to work it in there (pardon the pun).

    1. I am so glad. Also glad you reminded me, as I had this poem started and although it has no cucumber - I feel one hangs offstage......let me know. LOL


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