Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #244 in bardo (after JS and SSVW)

there is a state of in-between
Tibetans call it bardo
Greeks called it metaxu

hard to know if this is loss
or a form of communication

it could be that in this state
selves are found
Curatrix to the rescue

she is here
and she is there

liminal and simultaneously
subliminal just below the surface
line of sea surface and horizon

on land an arborettum on a bare hill
trees waving in half-grown forms

this state of in-betweenness
a temporary relief from pain
life will come again


  1. Wow! so much ground (un)covered a mystrey now is less, Curatrix et al... thank you.

  2. The Curatrix is a great character isn't she? I am enjoying this conversation so much. All of them, even if I am just a listener in some of them. I love trying to understand this between state and what it might mean.


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