Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Janette Hoppe #32 Crisis and Chaos (2)

perhaps it is the BPD in my DNA
the crisis and chaos
of nature vs nurture
that age old debate

my mother's stories
of institutional thuggery
opposed on her and our people

education vs indoctrination
learning a history of lies
my own history not represented
and they wonder why there is so much mistrust

like the time my cousin
syphered petrol from his brother's car
damn pigs didn't give him no chance to explain
so much distrust, so much distrust
belted him over the head with their batons
little Sammy was never the same
his twin brother stepped in
tried to explain that Sammy was shaking
because of his brain
and then BAM!
both brothers laying in the drain
the news spread fast
along the Maori grapevine
that Willy's brothers were laid out
3 white cops and 3 brothers black
the brothers got time and made the headlines
guilty until proven innocent
crisis and chaos
by any means necessary

and they wonder why there is so much distrust
institutional thuggery
keep the chains on us
crisis and chaos
by any means necessary

But we will fight,
we will fight for freedom,
and trample these streets with our feet
there is no peace until freedom sings
and we will sing in unison
"I am a revolutionary"
we will sing, we will sing,
we will sing!


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