Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 64.1 White Matter Disease ( after KK Fairytale)

White Matter Disease
 ( after KK "fairytale")

There was a pile of firewood waiting to be burnt
for the party

we were looking for the lost poets
(always) in this house of mine
something lost
the faster I go the less it gets done so I tend to pick up
poets and mingle them
with other things 
all unlike
 the higgledy-piggeldeys
all in shifting stacks
carried while talking

into another room

eventually we find them
when visitors come to stay
they are
beneath the sofa beds

poking out of filing cabinets
beguiling the way back into a rotation
in the lounge

how that one lost poet got in that woodpile
and was burned

still escapes us all


  1. lol, hilarious play on KK's last stanza

  2. Thank you Kerri - what a story and a laugh and great finale!


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