Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 64 The Lenient Jade Pavillion

The Lenient Jade Pavilion


Grown weary of this building
our illusions
here erect
(it purports to be a building
   once the scaffolds are knocked out)

a daisy put on steroids
a mule dressed as a horse
 stud book for the ages
who failed to run the course

what is normal what is sacred
what rights are due to each
 all the other words still
yet to form we least

expected danger from the place inside our souls
we are the ones we are the ones
 needs no rigmarole


mellifluous the chiming clock
strikes away
in other rooms

once peopled
now the byways
filing up
 the family habit

measured up on coverlets
in half hour ticking

at the turning of the mattresses
when the guests are gone

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