Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kit Kelen #243 - temple of lost lines

temple of lost lines

revised and adapted from Möbius (1998)

to join in the fun
of nights are come
elsewhere by nowhere
skirting by Nod

at last to the sunstruck
ruins still stand
and in their lamps
come labour
reaches of the deep
empyrean re-risen

falling out of the wind to tame
bluffing empty armed they come
the lost, those whom we seek

we unannoint ourselves
take stillness in the rush of paths
vagrant coaxings full of flesh
and come to worship

here are the sherds
of knowing disordered
pillars extant
somewhere within

these moments our apostasy
in a fictional landscape
all telling is truth

we are reconstructed pagans
it's we who climb out of the self to say
if ever there was ink in those veins
grammar breaks over
the given sea
does the salt snouting
shines in our weed
and over thick with trowel
sky set

between of barricades, footnotes
for vagueness of plying
the terror of vagueness

leads away
in not quite a knot
- impossible figure
solid and infinite
out of and in
other and me

o truth you do the hollow ring
herding out of instincts

characters fed on thin air
need attention

sleep to dream
and wake to play
that's my wearying
chase of tale
my temple
and loss

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