Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Anna Couani #205 to do list

find starch to use as glue
old type in box
add colour to artwork
use plate oil to change
viscosity of ink
print as monoprint
colour print on reverse side of rice paper
use pigment in glue
press book
post on Facebook
take book out of press
take close up of poppies
upload photos
write list of instructions
before forgetting
transfer list to other book
scan textbook for lists
of instructions
create lists from YouTube tutorials
remember to write list
find small saw


  1. is there any choosen ambiguity by using the word saw , i mean the tool or the saying ... or am I completly wrong ...? does this poem lead to some sawdust or some short words ... or both...

  2. Yes it's nice when an ordinary practical thing can have multiple meanings


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