Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Jeffree Skewes # 27 Marco's Dream

aroused by foreign visions uncharted 

imaginary exotic phantom journeys

of fabled lands who would swallow

traversing seas mountains desert sand

a quest so near uncertain landings

holy grail was I dreaming

story worth believing in

legend filled with mist and fog

In what dimension did I sail

which poetry hid my tale

what could I say of Shangri la

when it's so deeply common

I left behind my island

to share in others a mile too far

if I saw all this as it's told

wouldn't I have been be too old

dreams are made in distant shores

across all time and never cured

dearer to a heart they make up

the future's inverse ending

what would I dream now

I've seen the other side

seeking what is not 

my island now

image: Marco's Dream synthetic polymer & oil paint on canvas on ply / jskewes

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