Tuesday, June 28, 2016

#176 Kevin Brophy 'At home in themselves'

#176 ‘At home in themselves’
When the wind runs thin in the afternoon
and the sun drifts to a seeming stillness
in the blueness
girls come bouncing a basketball
and knock on the door
to ask if they can use the court at school.
They’re calmer than I’ve seen them before,
at home in themselves,
one wearing her jacket on her head,
all of them striding across the sand,
heads bowed into a conversation
that could go all day
until they sit, stiff limbed, big hipped,
grey-haired, scarred with knowledge,
children and grand children round them,
and find themselves the sharp-eyed elders
by tomorrow. 

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  1. great title/line; poignant description of these girls.


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