Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#179 Kevin Brophy 'What is this picture?'

#179 ‘What is this picture?’
If there was sand everywhere outside
And the days were always sunny
And nearly everyone went barefoot
And the boys wore football jumpers,
And the women wore colourful cast offs,
If the cars had children on their roofs,
And if the shop shut in the early afternoon
And the mail arrived only once a week
And each sunset outdid the last
And if the birds would not leave
And no one collected the rubbish
And only a few seemed to do any work
And the evenings started early and went on
With singing and drumming around the place
And hardly anyone combed their hair any more
And even the school teachers let their hair down
And cooking on coals was what everyone did
And there was a lake nearby where you could swim
Or watch the water birds in their hundreds bob,
If the roads were there for the children to play on
And people sat at a table out in the open, talking,

Would you think you were on a holiday?


  1. I'd think I was in a community somewhere in the desert or the Top End. It would be a holiday for me whether I thought so or not – a holiday is when you're free to leave.


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