Thursday, June 30, 2016

Robert Verdon, #191, Dejecta membra

I see a branch that easily fits between thumb and forefinger
A rock-wallaby facing the troops on a parade ground
An endless lens of perception less substantial than air
A transparent flag
A famous poet sleeping with his mouth open at the end of his life
A politician with a mind like a steel sphincter
An archaeopteryx pictured in Odham’s Children’s Encyclopaedia
A flurry of semi-superimposed literary images, including the biography of Tom Thumb
A Great War tank on a polished floor
A walking stick with a worn handle at Vinnies
Any lost tail of a blue-tongue
A sliced worm becoming two brain-eating amoebae
A pan full of sunrays
A chlamydomonas, predator with biting mouthparts
A quizzical persimmon engaged to a kiwifruit
A dreg and a pair of singularities
And I could go on and on and on

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  1. I like it, a list of disturbing incongruities!


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