Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kerri Shying Restart #1 Death Traps

Death Traps

Up the Cross,
back in the day
we had good timing for long drops and narrow spots
no views of anything
but yourself in the mirror,
depending on how fast you got the cabinet open and
what bottles were inside

bathrooms looked into light-wells where
on hot nights
we would smoke
heels stopped against the open door
faces as far into the gap as our shoulders would allow
it was magic, maybe luck
that we survived

life was rife with sudden rocks
regret and death fell into piggy banks
as steadily as the cash

beauty is self-fulfilling
is what I know for sure and shame,
well, it never fell on me.


  1. Good memories of the Cross life ... Brings it back.

  2. really evocative stuff, Kerri (I didn't know the Cross, myself)


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