Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Robert Verdon, #188, Serf's Down

landline dead for two days
the buggers haven’t come yet
I wait like a fool
for Telstra bloody Telstra
dreading another bout of callcentreitis
finally ring
told to ring my service provider again
they must ring Telstra
that might mean another afternoon wasted
oh for the days when it was all run by the P.M.G.
is it a plot to make us all go mobile?
but I sound like a Brexiteer …
we couldn’t have any decisive popular action
on such a complicated matter,
now could we?


  1. oh I feel your pain... and you're right: it does return us to serfdom

  2. Albeit being a pensioner and a greenie, and having many issues with our present Govt., the thing I most want after the election is fast, efficient internet access! (And the lack of it is the thing I most hold against the current PM.)


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