Thursday, June 30, 2016

Claine Keily # 30 Capital

She is not thin
and her yellow dress
sticks to her

She likes men
who smoke
and so they sleep together
she loves the black fringe
that disguises his eyes

"What is this game
you are playing?" he says
to her one morning
before she can rise
and with make up
erase the dark circles
from under her eyes

She notices her feet
under the blanket
pointed like a ballerina's
and she begins to cry

When he asks her
about her plans
to establish some
she replies
that for her
it is not possible
as she finds it hard to lie


  1. Thanks Efi and Rosemary I have enjoyed our interaction and reading your work. I am now friends with Rosemary on Facebook and I would like to be friends with you Efi if that is possible. Yours Claine

  2. Absolutely, Claine - if only I were on Facebook. I've resisted Facebook for so long, that I've forgotten why...Bear with me, Claine, I'll join soon, if only to stay in touch with you :)

  3. That is so sweet Efi. We will remain in contact. Please send me an email and I will respond and give you my phone number.


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