Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #176 For the artists of Project 366

I touch the weft with my fingertips
searching the pattern
learning your song as you weave
wanting to sing along

in the echoes in the tunnel
us buskers
play around
call out

I stutter and you understand 

you run, I chase

slip away in

a two step rhyme
we slow dance  
you are ever before me
laying out my dreams
teasing with a bright thread
passing me the shuttle

I leap to catch


  1. I think this is called a dialectic! (love the picture too.)

  2. wow beautiful, Sarah. You describe the process so perfectly. The photo is great - everyone's poems streaming and bouncing through channels of communication.

  3. It's also a great guide to newbies as to how to play along. Like buskers! Like dancers! Like throwing and catching!


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