Tuesday, June 28, 2016

RED Cone(LF)#176- a gentle man

a gentle man

the tree shows no leaves
winter hides the sun
nonetheless he weaves
and his memory is spun

a gentle man of old
and if the truth be told
reciting Wordsworth, Banjo and the lot
sleepwalking and singing Turandot

a sporting figure in the 40s
(a Tassie medalist, captain coach of Canberra and more)
he served his country in the war
his birthday is today 28 June

a kind and gentle person
thoughtful to the last
I miss him and have for very long
I  miss his laugh and song

my lovely father

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  1. And how lovingly you recreate him for us! My Dad, lame from the age of 10 after an accident, was no sporting hero – but otherwise, they seem quite alike.


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