Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rosemary Nissen-Wade #29: Pluto


Governs Scorpio –
which used to share Mars
with fiery Aries, until
this dark mystery was found.

So small, it's hard to define
as a regular planet. (They
are big and gassy.) 
But it's intense!

It has frozen nitrogen lakes,
a huge, hazy atmosphere
with layers embedded,
a sky that's blue like ours

and, probably, 
vast seas of water 
hidden underground –
very Scorpio, that.

Astronomers argue now.
Can't it still be a planet
as it's so exciting, or
is it King of the Dwarves?

It's far colder
than we can imagine.
And I hate the cold.
Still I want it. We Scorpions

are not direct like Aries,
nor as warlike as Mars.
We are of an underworld
that isn't hot and hellish.

Rather, we are deep 
and dangerous,
like hidden oceans 
or solid nitrogen.


  1. Love it. Saggitarians want Pluto to be a planet too.

  2. Ah Scorpio with that sting in the tail, good one to be. Love this Rosemary.

  3. I love Pluto too (I have a Scorpio moon) and as a Capricorn rising I'm enjoying these Pluto in Capricorn years. I really enjoyed this. Love the line: "Still I want it". Very Scorpio!


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