Thursday, June 30, 2016

#28 Seaweed by Emma McKervey


The seaweed dries slowly, small decorative curls
which have been artfully spread among the stone
and shell scavenged from the beach.

As the seaweed dries salt crystallises on the rubbery skin.
As it dries farther and the moisture evaporates entirely
the tiny crystals drop and lie without direction on the sill.

On closer inspection it is realised how precisely formed they are –
cubic solids on a minute scale. Midst the careful arrangement
of conch and pebble  this fallen saline is perfection.


  1. The last word sums up your poem Emma. Thank you

  2. You've enriched my morning, showing me these details.

  3. really beautiful. I've been enjoying your poems so much

  4. I can smell it - and taste it (dulce)' !


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