Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kit Kelen #181 - motley man

motley man

look at me
and anything warm
random colours collected
just to get around in some acres

tiniest sprinkle of frost
in the paddock
nothing to crunch

urgent with chill though
breath bubble me
lit on my ways

and sun in this stillness
to make it all blue
and rooster to ask
what to do?
what to do?

any optimist will tell you
days are getting longer 



  1. Love it! Poem and pic. A LITTLE bit longer, yes, but also - in these parts - colder.

  2. Lovely! Yes, I looked a bit like that first thing this morning too.... My little boy told me there was frost crunching under his bike tyres out in the paddocks at 6am....I was inside with the cats - we are sensible people....

  3. nice one, I'm distracted by the perfect teeth framed by the motleyness :)

  4. what to do what to do ... so different from our national cocorico!! sounds better!


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