Thursday, June 30, 2016

P.S. Cottier #30 (and last) ‘…neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.’

‘…neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.’

Life is walking the dogs,
squatting after them
with a roll of plastic bags
unrolling like an unsavoury tongue.
It happens unexpectedly,
as you try a new recipe,
or opt for the reliable tomato,
always close to hand, and
toss it through a thoughtless pasta —
an old squishy friend
long run to seed, half-seen,
through being seen so much.

Revelations happen,
but most of us are not
St Joan, and God speaks
on a muffled, cracked phone
when we are half listening,
marinating in the mundane
in our accustomed way.
The pause between heartbeats
is more eloquent than any sermon —
that flicker of self; the bandwidth
not quite enough for all the data.
We are walking into God
each day, as we smell the onions,
or squat for the mutts in
a strange, mimetic act.

One day soon, I’ll obtain a clear line.
One day soon the very last walk,
and the darkened screen
pure light, and a meal,
such a meal, as will never end.

P.S. Cottier

The title is from John 10:28 KJV


After 30 poems in 30 days, I am very tired.  I'll leave it to the rest of you now!  I blog at, and it's best to visit on Tuesdays.


  1. A beautiful exit. I too am very tired after my 30 days – and glad to have done them, and to have encountered your work (as well as many others). Will read your blog.

  2. Great Rosemary. I will look out for further poetry by you too.

  3. Great opening stanza! I'll miss your poetry, and your sense of humour, Penelope. It's been a great pleasure!

  4. Have loved reading your work and getting to know you. The first 30 days is the hardest. :-)

    1. Sounds like a rather bad pop song! Needs more piña colada.

  5. How can we survive without PS satire - don't gooooooooo Penelope!!!! And thank you. A wonderful finale poem.

  6. PS that looks like my shadow behind you - spooky - well yes I do often lurk around your blog

  7. Wow. Thank you so much Penelope. I LOVE this poem. I'm going to come back to it again and again. It was lovely to meet you and read your work, and yes, I would love to visit your blog (on a Tuesday...)

  8. Lizza...Lisazza, Lurphy...I am drunk, but thanx

  9. And Lizz, please stalk anytime!

  10. I too loved reading you and am glad I now know you are a Penelope. The last 30 days were great and I feel hugely satisfied to have made it but I found it tiring . Will keep an eye out for your blog.


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