Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Robert Verdon, #187, Chewing the Fat, A Fragment Allegedly Found in Tut Ankh Amun's Tomb.

… and jutting out from the jagged bowl
of the chromium spoon was a rosy
glint of night-light, a groggy ray

from which bounced off a
NATO fat globule in a mince-pie
and set it whinnying

in a ‛come hither’ style that suggested
it had never met an aardvark
in its entire genetic line before.

The chromium bowl reflecting
notorious dampcourses and old lagging,
‛aardvark never ’urt anyone!’

it brayed at all privatised galley slaves while
grotesque gristle crinolines of weeping cumulus
lowered themselves onto every matted hill,

bloody fog settling on top like shaving cream. It
pored over Don Quixote the miniseries again as it sculpted
a bust of Kemal Ataturk out of Pears soap for the

delightful degustation
of the new ‛gentle-as-a-horsefly’
Ottoman Empire.

After which it cemented a Lear Jet
to its strained oblate spheroid and shot up
pullulating into the noisome winter night.


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