Tuesday, June 28, 2016

P.S. Cottier #27 12 quotes from an annoying (and imaginary) desk calendar

12 quotes from an annoying (and imaginary) desk calendar

Failure is success dressed in a bad tracksuit.
Today is not tomorrow. Tomorrow is today’s foetus.
The best trips are taken into the soul; no passport required!
Don’t let easy credit become tomorrow’s greasy indigestion.
Ask yourself — am I doing the very best possible?
Answer yourself  — yes! yes! yes! yes!
If good prose if silver, poetry is purest woven gold.
A rose is God’s way of saying I love you.
Take time to feed your brain with mindfulness.
A baby is swaddled in her own invisible wings.
Never is every, with a y added and an n removed.
Clouds are nature’s make-up, hiding a smile.

P.S. Cottier

(Please insert a sickeningly positive image here.)

If anyone wants to contribute another line, do so in the comments.  Because 'comments are wee segments of rainbow fallen from the text above.'


  1. "Everything happens for a reason....".(this one is very popular in the Byron Shire, where I live and I think people up here would even say it with the real feeling to someone whose nearest and dearest was just taken hostage, molested and then burnt alive......) And then they might follow up with: "It must have been their time,"


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