Tuesday, June 28, 2016

#177 Kevin Brophy ‘You will have a miserable life if you do not get an education – Marcia Langton, 27 June 2016’

#177 ‘You will have a miserable life if you do not get an education – Marcia Langton, 27 June 2016’ 

The books have gone home with the children.
The seedy basket grass has been collected.
The Brolgas have been counted.
The boys have filled their bike with fuel.
The teachers have the alphabet on the wall.
People come to sift through boxes of old photos.
The salt wattle shield has been sanded.
The map of this place is up on the wall.
The twisted cars pile up outside the town.
Who knows what the young men do all day?
Marcia Langton says it as bluntly as she can.
The children have their certificates,
though some have lost them in the dust.
We go by increments, just as the day does.
The patient books have gone home with their children. 

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  1. Beat me to it! I was thinking of writing on her impassioned plea myself. You have underlined it very well.


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