Thursday, June 30, 2016

Barbara Temperton #28 - Cruising IX: Pasar Badung Denpasar

I come a fortnight after the fire,
market building razed at night:
food vendors pack the square below
the blackened, gutted pasar,
air thick with ripe fruit aroma,
dried fish, spices, an acrid overlay.

I navigate poorly - not in need of food,
tidak terima kasih,  black puddles underfoot -
until a woman guides me underground
to carpark basement and textile traders
where for 150,000 rupiah 
I buy three red fans with golden fringes.


  1. beautiful, Barbara - there's so much going on here, inside and outside, with a light touch.

  2. Thank you Efi. Still trying to catch up!

  3. Rich images. Can't beat the underground :)

  4. Love this photo. The light and shade, the colours and greys are so fantastically balanced.


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