Monday, June 27, 2016

#26 Nothing to Loose by Emma McKervey

Nothing to Loose

It was no mistake, the trickster god delivering speech to Pandora,
the Hermetic message service unleashed.
She may not even have needed to open the box really
once a voice was found, as language is a complex thing.
Indeed it is through a mistranslation of language that the pithos jar
became a box to contain all that Pandora would release,
claiming the innocence of curiosity in her defence.
Even what was left is questionable in translation –
Hope instead of Expectation - which is a little less poetic,
and carries a sense of entitlement, despite the chaos
which was set free.   It was Diogenes of Sinope
who made a pithos his home so perhaps satisfaction
can be taken from the knowledge that it was the original Cynic
who slept at the bottom of the jar, curled around the only thing left to us –
Expectation (or sometimes Hope), the flame of which lit the lamp
he carried in the daylight in search of an honest man.

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