Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kerri Shying # R2 Coppertone Ride

Coppertone Ride

Copper as the curve of the under balcony
the tan the fourth form strove for, 
socks rolled down behind the canteen, by the industrial arts room
the presence of the boys
a mere coincidence

the stickyness of memory
biochemical italics
favouring the sheen of fine blonde hairs
over the short fawn nylon socks

alighting at Cronulla I expect the waft of coconut oil to seize me by the face
only riot somewhere in my heart
burnt feet waiting at the Shelley Beach Kiosk
 the Gunnamatta baths

the train, decked in surplus prison livery
remembers the moss and lets the musty waft of soil


  1. terrific sticky images -the coppertone conceit takes me back! :)

  2. Cronulla, Shelley Beach where our school swam every Thursday, Gunnamatta Bay with family picnics and I swam in races on Saturday morning. Oh Kerry you take me back and sunning the legs for just the right shade! Love it!


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