Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Anna Couani #164 remembering mother

over the years we looked through
the old photos at Mum
happy through the depression years
bushwalking through the mountain tracks
striding energetic in school uniform
and in frocks
snapped by street photographers
on Pitt Street

and in a white coat
striding down hospital corridors
whisking through the surgeries at home
sterilizing instruments
doing the doctor thing

imagining her in operating theatres
with a scalpel
the human body is so fascinating

leaping on computers and writing
research with tables and graphs
writing and writing
papers, articles, books

she could see the big picture
bravely resisting attack after attack
laughing at the right wingers
seeming unaffected
even when they struck effective blows

always with an erect posture
not running but striding
carrying on regardless


  1. Great portrait. Wonderful details; and in the last verse and particularly that final line, she comes fully to life.

  2. very strong yet very personal too

  3. A great energy in this poem. Thank you Anna for this portrait.

  4. What an amazing woman. Your poems also strides reflecting her energy.

  5. yes, good one, that manner is your mum precisely, Anna. RIP.


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